We enable businesses to streamline their workflow processes and access data in real-time with robust CRM & ERP solutions. Our solutions leverage the latest cloud technology to offer vast functionality, faster time-to-market and enhanced scalability that keep businesses ahead of the competition and meet business goals with ease.


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Our bespoke CRM & ERP solutions help businesses manage their business smartly by automating a wide range of back-office functions related to marketing, sales, supply chain management, customer service, financial & project management along with social media integration.

We maximize your business's ROI by providing an accurate and comprehensive picture of the target audience interaction. Our ERP solutions enable a business to automate, plan, collaborate and execute all business operations efficiently.

We enable businesses to build effective customer journeys across multiple channels. Our CRM solutions also help businesses to derive valuable insights to analyze customer trends and behaviour in real-time to undertake critical business decisions.

How Do You Benefit from ERP and CRM Solutions by Nadax Media ?

Cut Down Your Business Costs

Reduce your expense and maximize your profits with accurate and appropriate tracking of inventory and stocks.

Customization of Functionalities

Add new functionalities to manage your business process effectively.

Manage Multiple Channels

Infuse productivity with effective management of orders, shipping, invoicing, customer feedback, customer service and much more.

Integration and Simplification

Improve your processes by removing complexities and integrating consistent functions.

Give You Better Visibility

Bring transparency to your business processes and reduce human error across multiple channels.

Intelligence for Prediction

Enhance data accessibility and bring maximum efficiency in your enterprise to make critical business decisions.

Highlights of the Rich Capabilities
That We Can Implement

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    Lead Generation &
    Follow-up Tracking

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    Mass Email

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    BI and Analytics

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    Custom Fields
    & Filters

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    File Sharing

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    Notes &

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    Sales and Marketing

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